It’s almost time to head back to school! Parents are running around trying to cross a hundred things off their ever-growing to-do lists. School supplies, clothes, shoes, gadgets, dental and medical visits all need to be done on top of the usual work, dinner and laundry. What about taking time for a visit to the pool or the park and to walk the dog? It can get a little hectic!

But let’s take some deep breaths and think, “maybe we don’t have to squeeze it all in before school starts.” Dental visits are typically recommended twice a year and only last about 30 minutes. For patients with more extensive treatment needs it may be recommended up to four times a year.

School is super important, but what message are we sending our children if we can’t make time to visit the dentist twice a year? There are always early release days or after school appointments which are available. Remember, medical and dental visits are excusable absences from school – we’ll give you a note.

So don’t stress about seeing the dentist before school starts. Come hang out with us! We have fun songs, toys, prizes, and the feeling of a super clean healthy smile to take home!