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Your Little Bean's First Visit

We want your little bean’s experience with Bean Tree Pediatric Dentistry to be a wonderful one, starting with your child’s first visit. That’s why we have only three little things you need to do, and we just happen to have them listed below. It’s real easy – let’s get started!

Thing One

Schedule Appointment

Check out our office hours. Then give us a call at (904) 372-3260 and a member of the BeanTeam will get you scheduled at a time convenient for your day. You can also use the button below to request an appointment.

Thing Two

Complete Paperwork

Now that you’re scheduled, you can fill out the necessary forms. Click Submit, and you’re done! Now you don’t have an excuse not to hang out at the park with your little one’s for the rest of the afternoon!

Thing Three

Learn about the First Visit

We know it’s boring, but take some time to familiarize yourself with the information available to you on this page. If you have questions afterwards, please contact us by email or phone.

Planning for the Appointment

Getting ready for your child’s first pediatric dental visit can be just as important as the actual visit. Here are are some helpful tips to guide you and your little bean on your way.
  • Talk to your children about going to the dentist. Let them know there will be singing, laughing, toys, games and that we are going to make his or her teeth sparkle like a superhero or princess.
  • Use positive words to describe the upcoming visit. A relaxed, comfortable bean will be able to associate those positive words with his or her trip to our office and really make for a smooth visit.
  • Prepare your little one(s) by role playing with them about what the BeanTeam will be doing. Get them comfortable opening his or her mouth and touching their teeth.
  • Try to arrive to the appointment about 10-15 minutes early. This gives the BeanTeam a chance to review information with you prior to the appointment.
  • If you have dental anxiety or have had prior experiences which were less than ideal – try not to show or talk about your uneasiness with your children. They can pick up it and establish his or her own set of expectations based on your behavior.
  • Don’t try to bribe your little one(s) to go to the dentist. This may give them the idea that going to the dentist is less than desirable.

BeanTeam Pro-Tips

Stay Positive

We encourage parents to stay positive and stress free. Children can sense anxiety. It’s important not to use words such as “hurt,” “shot,” “drill,” “needle” or “the meanie dentist,” or you may increase your child’s fear. Just say, “You’re going to a fun new place to get your teeth brushed, and you’ll have a beautiful smile once we’re done!” After all, it’s the truth!

It Takes a Village

If possible, ask another adult to come with you. It’s best if this is someone who helps to care for your child. You want to be free to talk comfortably with Dr. Mason and the BeanTeam and to focus attention on your child. For this reason, it is best not to bring other children along at this first visit. Bring an extra diaper and snack for your child. Also bring a favorite toy, blanket or other familiar object. This will help your child to know that the dental office is a comfortable and safe place.

Important Information to Know

Some helpful tidbits of information that will help you get prepared for your child’s first dental visit with us.

New Patient Paperwork

We recommend completing the new patient paperwork before coming to your child’s appointment. Please do this at least 48 hours prior to the visit so we can create your child’s profile and if we have any questions, we can address them before the appointment.

Insurance Information

Please be sure to provide us with your insurance information at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. This gives us time to verify benefits and let you know if you will have any anticipated out-of-pocket expenses for your child’s visit.

Insurance Card & I.D.

Make sure to bring your insurance card (if your insurance carrier has provided one for you) and your I.D. If you have joint custody of your child/children, please bring documentation showing you are authorized to make medical decisions.

Payments & Responsibility

Payments for dental services are due at time of the visit, unless arrangements have been made prior to the appointment. The person accompanying your child is responsible for payment of all anticipated copays or deductibles related to dental services performed.

We are in network with most major PPO plans. However, there are exceptions, so it’s best if you check your carrier website to make sure Dr. Mason is a contracted provider. If you have any questions, please call us and we can help guide you through the process.

Click the link below to learn more about insurance and payments.

Reserved Parking

Parking in Riverside is limited, but fret not – we have plenty of reserved parking spaces for our patients. There is a parking lot behind our building (the back of the building faces the river) where you will find a row of spaces specifically reserved for you. When pulling into our parking lot from Margaret street, look for the signs which read:

“Reserved for Bean Tree Pediatric Dentistry”

Then all you need to do is pick a space to park in and make your way up the ramp, through the door and we are the third door on your left – just past the water fountain.

If you have any questions before your visit, just send us a message.

Patients & Parents

In order to maintain a safe environment with patient centric care, adhere to HIPAA (privacy) guidelines and to minimize distractions, we only allow the child scheduled for the appointment in the treatment area.

Parents are allowed to accompany him or her, but other children should not be left unattended in the waiting room. If you anticipate your child will have dental needs beyond the initial examination and cleaning, it’s better if both parents are there for the initial visit. This gives Dr. Mason and the BeanTeam the opportunity to explain treatment details with both parents.

Learn more about our office policies by clicking the link below.

Still Have Some Questions?

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