Arlo Mason

Technology & Social Media/Marketing

Arlo is our technology, social media and marketing bean. Upon leaving the Army in 2005, where he was a combat medic, he decided to pursue a career in the world of technology. After working in an agency setting for a few years he and two other partners opened their own web development company with Arlo as the design and social media lead. In 2012 he left the company to become a member of the BeanTeam and manage the social media and marketing elements of the office.

When Arlo’s not posting to social media or day-dreaming about climbing Mt. Everest, he enjoys a bit of hiking, climbing, snowboarding, golf or anything related to the great outdoors.

He and Dr. Mason have two little beans of their own, Everly and Swayze and can usually be found in Riverside or enjoying community events in the area.


Professional Affiliations

The American Horoscope Reading and Proliferation Institute of the Americas

Certifications and Credentials

Horoscope Reading 101
The American Horoscope Reading and Proliferation Institute of the Americas

Independent Coursework
How to become successful by reading my horoscope

Publications and Patents


Listed many items for sale on Craigslist. Guitars, golf clubs and a used king sized mattress that fell out of a truck while moving.

Portal Device

United States USDODUSAF0321SN1975AM
Issued December 12, 2012
Successfully created a time dilation device which acted as a two way portal to facilitate interstellar travel.

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